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SUNAJ at the Janus Building  watch a short video on Sunaj here


Sunaj is a recently installed commission for the new Janus Apartments in Greenwood.

JANUS is the Roman God of beginnings and passages. I reversed the name and ironically discovered SUNAJ means portal.  My installation with projection and neon is created on this notion of portal. The concepts inspire the words that are written in wire and neon. The magical figure pencils the text, creating a dispersing portal of language, where the shadows encompass the physical nature of the metal work. Projected images of clouds further this ethereal look.

Waters of Welcome at Tukwila Village

color cistern sculpture proposalI’m thrilled to announce that I have the great pleasure of partnering with Sherman Alexie, and adapting his poetry into the artwork at Tukwila Village!
I’m developing an artwork to integrate with the water cistern at the Community Center. The piece incorporates proverbs and creation myths of wind and water from the cultural background of the residents.  The words will be written in wax and cast into bronze to form the outer sleeve of the water vessel.

Tukwila Village In collaboration with SEEDarts, I have been contracted as Lead Artist to work on an art plan to integrate art into a community development in Tukwila, WA. I am looking forward to working with other artists to integrate artwork into the plan. I am excited to be working on a  sculpture integrated into the downspout system at the Community Center. Stu Schecter of Cambridge and Bruce and Shannon Anderson of Seattle have been brought in to do new work. Sherman Alexie is collaborating on writing for the site.

Happy to be teaching Socially Engaged Art at Antioch University this winter. How can art effect social change? This is the central question in this introductory class .  We will explore the intersection of art and social practice through conversation, analysis, and hands on art making. Students will develop art projects based on social justice, community arts, and social engagement. We’ll discuss aesthetic and ethical debates surrounding these art practices and write about their personal interpretations of the work. Socially engaged art refers to a large brushstroke of artwork but goes beyond art with social intention to an art practice where the artist creates a situation inviting an opportunity for intervention, or an actual engagement with the public.

Nordstrom Walk of Fame

This ongoing project celebrates Northwest Luminaries and presents their profiles in bronze inlay. A recent addition of Apollo Ohno was installed in May 2013. You can watch a clip on it here. The most current installment honors Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman, the founders of Sub Pop Records, installed April 2014.