Bloodlines is a  body of work on cultural inheritance and an investigation into ancestral history. You might say I am on an Archaeological Dig.

Traces and Vow  blend memory and customs with our social landscape. Eternal tells the story of the life cycle through sound, created in collaboration with my two daughters. Roxy’s composition merges the heartbeat with her tenor saxophone music and the rhythms of tap dance by my younger daughter, Sam.  Listen to it here.

The artwork Blood and Water is a celebration of the commonality I have with centuries of ancestors who lived along coastlines. The shell has sound, the poem Blood and Water is recorded in four voices, dialects from my ancestral countries, layered with the sound of waves crashing. You can read the poem here.   Here is the soundtrack.      Other art in this body of work include Songline, Descendant, Bloodlines and The Blood That Runs Through Us…an ongoing dialogue.   Here is 360 degree photo of the installation Descendant. 
Bloodlines is a collaboration with June Sekiguchi and Pam Hom.  Read about  The Art of Collaboration here.

My personal Ancestral Songline is akin to an Aboriginal Songline that marks the route that was followed by the creator beings. Mine is marked by my lineage. The names of over 400 direct ancestors are scribed into the bone, a first rib of the human ribcage.