The mission of METHOD is to foster and exhibit sculpture and installation that regards process, material, and concept, while engaging the gallery space. METHOD is a collaborative project of Mary Coss, Paul D. McKee,  and Paula Stokes located in the Tashiro Kaplan Building at 106 Third Ave S, Seattle 98101.
We endeavor to: 
  • promote  a changing program of visually stimulating, well-researched, and thoughtful exhibitions. 
  • provide a venue for interdisciplinary thinking that supports exploration and creative problem solving
  • provide a contemporary exhibition space for artists who are working outside the traditional commercial standard 
  • offer a platform for discussion on aesthetics, technical considerations, experimentation, and the creative process that are supported by artists’ talks.  
  • present exhibitions that question, inform, and inspire through engagement with the Pioneer Square community.


Listed are some of the  artists and shows that I’ve curated at METHOD:

Amanda McCavour   Room April 21 – June 21, 2017
Gerri Sayler  Intertwined May 27-July 2, 2016
Terra Holcomb   Terra Spiritus  April 22-May21, 2016
Andy Behrle    through static  July 24-September12, 2015
Dan Loewenstein   The Boys   April 17-May 30, 2015

I am proud to have curated TEXTure. If you missed the event, it you can see the video recorded on the Seattle Channel here or listen to the Seattle Public Library podcast here.


 TEXTure partnered diverse writers with visual artists to collude, provoke, incite, compel,and inspire new artwork, exploring the rich intersection between language and visual art. In this collaboration, visual artists embrace the written word to create new work while poets reinvent ekphrastic writing in response.

Sherman Alexie with Lia Hall and Cedar Mann of Noble Neon, Daemond Arrindell with Maura Donegan, Carol Milne with Jeannine Gailey Hall.  Artist Talk and Readings of New Work was performed on January 29th, 2015 at the Seattle Central Library.  Exhibit: January 8- February 21, 2015.

Carrie Bodle in METHODology

Carrie Bodle detail wavelines resize My introduction to Carrie Bodle was through her seductive, mesmerizing video “Waveforms”.  Artwork inspired by the waters of the northwest present a powerful pull to my psyche. This combined with her thoughtful explorations and skillful technique made her an easy choice for my invite to an exhibit exemplifying methodology. Bodle uses natural rhythms in nature as the foundation for the scientific data that she interprets and reconstructs. The artwork appears as metaphor, yet further investigations reveal the work to be actual interpretations of the data. Carrie’s current work transforms data from an ecosystem model along the Washington coastline to visual and audible sound waves. Exploration of these waveforms manifest in a curious mix of the old and the new. There is a romantic quality to her contemporary work. The stitched wavelengths reflect on traditional handwork though they are sewn through a computer-generated process.  She makes use of technology to interpret and translate data, and then makes use of vintage bullhorns and the romantic lapping of waves on the shoreline, tapping into nostalgic memories of carnivals and long walks on the beach.


METHOD: a space and a process for exhibiting challenging art. METHOD exhibits art that is experimental, forward-thinking, unconventional, and predominantly based in sculpture, installation, new media, or performance. It might be easier to say what METHOD is not: It is not a commercial gallery.  It is not an on-site studio space. And it is not a cooperative gallery devoted to exhibiting members’ art, although its founders and curators — Mary Coss, Paul D. McKee, June Sekiguchi, and Paula Stokes — are established, working artists who will occasionally exhibit in the space. But it is best to speak of METHOD in the positive, reflecting the affirmative goals of its founders: METHOD is an exhibition space that enlivens the Northwest shoulder of the Tashiro Kaplan building, a hub of cultural activity on the edge of Seattle’s Pioneer Square. METHOD is a collaborative, curatorial process that focuses on artistic processes.  It is a mode for gathering diverse artists together and offering them a means to exhibit their work to the public. METHOD is a conduit for reciprocity and exchange, for developing relationships with other artists and organizations, locally, nationally, and internationally. Out of their artistic and curatorial experiences — which led to many crossed paths — Coss, McKee, Sekiguchi, and Stokes identified a need for a new exhibition space.    A place where they could present exceptional, exploratory, challenging art that might not be seen in more traditional galleries. METHOD is a means of transporting art from artists to the public.  METHOD art is characterized by processes of thought, action, and craft.  And above all, METHOD is an act of creativity. excerpted from METHOD essay by Gayle Clemans, April, 2013